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The pitch pack helped me to understand the PROCESS of not only negotiating for collabs, but actually going out and pitching aggressively for collabs!
— Cameron
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what is the pitch pack about and why did Christian create this system?

watch the short video below

The Influencer Pitch Pack
Get the Tools!

That influencer you admire isn’t worth more than you!

They just said no to the waiting game & committed to putting themselves out there! The moment you access this program your journey begins. You will be ready to craft your first pitch just hours after completing your purchase.

All you need to do is sit down to read the How to Guide and watch the Video lesson while paying close attention to get the knowledge you need to pitch it right.

Here’s what you’re thinking

  • If I post consistent high-quality content, brands will seek me out… In a perfect world, yes. Brands would be discovering all of the content slaying queens on the gram everyday. In this oversaturated, noisy IG reality, it’s easy to get lost in the mix. Advocating for yourself and making first contact is key to getting noticed.

  • I’m just happy to get paid, I don’t want to “push it”… Um STAWP being a martyr and get your coins ma’am. Brands have marketing budgets for a reason, if you’re ready to generate revenue, get up and get after it! This doesn’t mean you’re being unrealistic about pricing, you’re just going for what you’re worth.

  • It’s just an Instagram post, it’s free… Pressing post might be free, but the time you took to create that content is not free and your first step towards being a paid influencer is realizing that TIME and CURATION has value!

Here’s what you’ll get

  • The pitch pack will package your influence… You’ll gain access to easy-to-customize templates that will be ready for use as quickly as you can add your headshots and save the PDF.

  • The pitch pack will help you to price your influence… As I said, you deserve to be paid for the work you do, it’s also your responsibility to learn what that pay should be based on your reach, impact and quality of deliverables.

  • The pitch pack will reveal a marketer’s mindset… If you’re super unsure of what’s going through a marketer’s head when they are emailing/ booking you, the pitch pack will shed light on their perspective allowing you to say the right thing and pitch with precision.

  • The pitch pack will prepare you for action in 24 hours or less… I’m serious about getting you actionable in little to no time. This is not some massive uphill climb where you’ll be learning and learning for months before EARNING. Let’s learn to earn in 24 hours!

The Influencer Pitch Pack
Get the Tools!

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The pitch pack gave me the confidence to advocate for rates I felt GOOD about.
— Evelyn R.
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I was getting booked pretty often for my natural hair content, but was ready to pivot to more skincare/beauty partnerships. The pitch pack helped me to take charge of the transition to a new industry instead of being passive and waiting for them to notice me.
— Angela S.
I’m a stay at home mom, so learning to create some extra revenue from the fun shots I capture of my kids was a great way to make extra money for my household.
— Laura H.
The Influencer Pitch Pack
Get the Tools!
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Who is the creator of the Pitch Pack and why should you trust her?

  • The co-founder of a six figure beauty brand marketing agency, Studio Maxwell that she operates out of Chicago, IL with her husband.

  • Formerly, the beauty brand manager of Mielle Organics, one of the most popular natural hair care brands in the US.

  • An influencer herself, when it makes sense for her and her family.

  • The person hopping in influencer’s inboxes every month, hiring over 50+ influencers to partner with her high-impact beauty brand clients to create EPIC content!

  • An industry leader with over 10 years of experience in marketing, graphic design, and brand development/management.

Want to learn more about this powerhouse industry leader, visit her IG to get a glimpse @Christian_Byshe